Jose Martinez

Tony Martinez

Unenthusiastic, melodramatic kids, also known  as “Emo”.  Honestly what’s up with emo kids?  I wonder what goes in the mind of those type of people.
emo girls dress all crazy with so many hair colors, a crazy hair style, ripped pants, old beat up shoes, and crazy exaggerated make up.
Emo boys sadly have the same characteristics as an emo girl.  Is it because they are confuse of their sexuality that they wear tight jeans and make up?
They talk about how life is so unfair to them and how much they suffer, and  to top it off they cut them selves and claim that they will suicide soon.
If they really want to suicide then why don’t they just do so and stop whining.

Emos also wear nothing but black clothing even though is 100 degrees, don’t they feel the heat?  I expected for those emotional kids to at lest feel the heat.  It seems that another requirement to be an emo boy is to have greasy unwashed hair that covers at least 3/5 ths of the face at an angle.

Fact is that emo kids are all fake one way or another.  For example:  Girls say they “like sensitive guys that can express their feelings freely.” (lie)
Guys find out, so they listen to girly emo music and dress like dorks so chicks will see that they aren’t afraid of showing their feelings or/and expressing them selves (lie).
So when emo boy starts dating emo girl, they start talking about how terrible is their empty lives, how nobody understands them, and how they will die if the other was to leave them (lie).

Emo boys are just wuss kids, they are too depress to even bathe, and has more swings than an emo chick, and they don’t even have menstrual cycles. 
And they still manage to ask them selves why is it that girls always dump them for other guys.  So they go home write a poem or song while crying, trying to express how unfair life is to them, and how much they have been hurt in and out side.  I know that I’ve emphasize the fact that all they talk about if pain and suffering but that is all they talk about.  Please “Emos” do me a favor and become normal.