ASCC Senate has introduction meeting

Frances Perkins

The ASCC Senate meeting was lead by ASCC Vice President Rosa Castaneda Sept. 16 at 2 p.m.

The meeting was mainly an orientation for the new and returning senate members.
Everything from the Code of Ethics to discussing rules was covered during the meeting.
Castaneda informed the chairmen of all of their specific duties and what is expected of them.
“One of the key reasons you are here is for your education, ” Director of Student Activities Holly Bogdanovich said.
Bogdanovich shared with the senators her understanding that there will be issues surfacing due to economic changes but that it is the senators obligation to inform students of these issues.
“It is important to remember that we are elected by the students therefore we need to service the students, ” ASCC President Oscar Franco said.
Improving the communication between students and the student body will be one of the issues that the student body will be focusing on this year, Franco understands that there will be new issues surfacing this year due to the economic changes.