Wei Huang wins logo design contest

Wei Huang receives his award.

Courtesy of Wei Huang

Wei Huang receives his award.

Joey Berumen

Wei Huang, a first-year Cerritos College art student from Bellflower, recently won a logo design award for the ABC Adult School.

Beating out more than 50 other entrees, he was informed of the win through a letter sent to his residence.

The contest was open to all students and staff members who felt they could design a logo that best represented the school.

For his efforts, Huang received a $100 check, which he then used to buy gifts for the very teachers that helped him along the way.

“I didn’t take part in the contest for money, I just wanted to help. I felt obligated to give back to the people who helped me,” Huang said.

Huang, who is now working as a graphic designer, was born in 1973 in Tianjin, China.

He has been studying art for the past 20 years and felt the need to come to the United States and improve his art and English skills.

“My main goal right now is to continue my English and art education here at Cerritos and study hard. Then hopefully move on to Cal State Long Beach,” Huang added.

Huang even felt the recent pinch of the recent tough economic tough times at Cerritos College, not able to join one of the art classes that he was planning on taking due to the class being full.

Huang went on to explain the logo, “Our learning process begins with the ABCs. The three letters are connected and represent the mixed, united, and cooperative culture of the school.”