Nursing holds pumpkin contest

Bobby Chichester

The Student Nursing Association of Cerritos College hosted its third annual pumpkin carving contest on Oct. 29 in the field outside the Health Occupations building.

The judging, which was separated into three categories, was conducted by the staff of the Health Department.

There were three winners.

Felipe Grimaldo, part of the Student Veterans, with his H1N1 pumpkin, won the Healthiest category.

Monique Rodriguez, from Athletics, won Most Creative with her black-painted pumpkin.

Jeff Nishimoto, from the nursing program, won Scariest Pumpkin with his skull pumpkin.

None of the winners were available at the judging for comment.

Patricia Riedel, nursing instructor and creator of the contest, said, “We’ve had this contest for three years, and each year there have been more and more creative entries. This year, however, there were only three entries.”

She attributed the decline in contest participation to stress caused by exams.

“Our students have been feeling the pressure for their nursing exams. The recession might also have something to do with it,” Riedel said.

Mirabelle Cabiling, president of the SNACC, echoed Riedel’s feelings on the decline.

“As a student, I see the pressure. I think its the exams and the recession getting to students. Some people might not even be able to afford a pumpkin this year,” Cabiling said.

In the past, there have been more participants.

“Last year we had around 20 pumpkins submitted. This year could be called the pumpkin recession year,” Riedel said.

Cabiling also alluded to possibly promoting the contest next year, in the hopes of increasing the number of participants next year.

“Normally we just put flyers up around campus and we contact people through e-mail. I think we need to promote better,” she said.

“This contest was originally started for the nursing students, since they usually do not have time for other clubs and such. Perhaps next year we can try and coordinate the costume contest with ours.”

Each winner will receive a plastic jack-o-lantern filled with various candies.