Cal States discouraging students

Jose Martinez

On Oct. 28, the ASCC held a meeting were many matters were discuss such as how Cal State Long Beach, and selected Cal States, are now discouraging students with 2.5 GPA or lower from applying, and how classes from those selected Cal States that are not really taken will be remove from the schedule. 

“Now with the economy crises, many educational services are being cut-off,” said Joseph Silva, a student senate representative.

Students Senate representatives Oscar Franco and Felipe Grinaldo also ask for cooperation from their fellow senate representatives and students to show their support and attend all meetings at all times.

“On our last meeting only eight people attended, and that is definitely not acceptable,” Grinaldo said.

“If you really believe that you are a senator, then show responsibility and give the example to the rest of the students,” Franco said.

The ASCC Cabinet meeting also served as a host for Mayor Pro Tem Joseph Cho’s visit to Cerritos College, in order for him to briefly discuss and explain, some of the issues that the Cerritos’ City Counsel has been dealing with, to protect its citizens.

Cho started off by apologizing for not being able to attend to the previous invitation regarding last month’s cabinet meeting, right after that he started to explain how as of last year our country has been suffering due to the economy crisis and the depression, and about the consequences due to the depression, such as many employees getting laid off,  public services been reduce or even cut, and more.

“I am proud to say that the City of Cerritos could continue to provide our citizens with high quality services,” Cho said.

He explained how other cities charge many taxes and how the city of Cerritos doesn’t charge any direct taxes to its residents, he also stated that as of last year the city of Cerritos has three major challenges:

  1. The big deduction of sales taxes,
  2. To increase the city’s income and
  3. To deduct as much as possible any interest rate.

Cho stated that the state of California tried to take $10 million and borrow $4 million out of Cerritos city, so Cerritos City Counsel protected our city’s money by joining the League of California Cities Association and suing the state for trying to take Cerritos money.

“We are trying to work a deal were the state can borrow some money but have to pay us back with interest within three years,” Cho said.

He concluded his visit by saying that the City Counsel will try to keep Cerritos’ money here in Cerritos and will try to keep providing high services to it’s residents.

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