ASCC talks swine flu vaccine

Jesus Ruiz

The ASCC Cabinet was focused on Nov. 2 on informing Cerritos College of the upcoming events, Leadership Conference applications update and the vaccine that may lower the risk of catching the most recent flu on campus, H1N1.

As many people my know by now, the H1N1 flu [Swine Flu] is the most recent worry that the Cerritos College Community is facing right now.

The ASCC Cabinet has informed the Cerritos campus of the flu and precautions before.

The Student Health Center has done the same by putting up posters and information all around campus about getting vaccinated including: where, when, how and with whom.

The Cabinet has been getting some of the recent news of the availability of the H1N1 vaccines.

So far, it has been noted that a small shipment of the vaccine has already been delivered to Cerritos College, with more coming in the next few weeks.

For those people who would like more information on the H1N1 flu and its symptoms and details or want to know where they can receive the vaccine, you can head to the Student Health Center and ask for the information you may want to know.

The ASCC Cabinet also wants to remind the Cerritos College students and staff about the Leadership Conference applications.

As of Nov. 2, the applications for the Leadership Conference became available at the cost of $50 cash deposit.

The recent information on the trip to the Leadership Conference in San Diego is that half of the seats have already been filled.

Holly Bogdanovich, director of Student Activities, explained to the ASCC Cabinet that half of the 80 available spaces have already been sold within the first day that the Applications to the conference became available on Nov. 2.

With spaces down by half, she said, “If you are planning to go or thinking of going and know of somebody who is thinking of going, don’t wait. That is all I can tell you. Do not wait.”

“We can’t guarantee anybody a location or spot.

“We printed 100 applications and there are very few left, but the biggest thing is the fact that we’re [Student Activities Center] already halfway sold.”

Also, the ASCC Cabinet did not forget to mention the Awards Applications, which are now available in the Student Activities Center and online at

Deadlines for the Awards Applications is Nov. 13 at exactly 4 p.m.