Allowing self expression through the body

Frank Gonzalez

Self expression is one of the most beautiful things an individual can do in an attempt to distinguish themselves from others.

Although self expression can be expressed in many forms we often choose to do so in extreme fashions.

For instance tattoos, a body piercing and even the more extreme modifications such as scarification and implants are often ways for us to achieve our own personal happiness.

In doing so though do we deserve the criticisms of our peers and the horrible stereotypes that go hand in hand with our self expression?

In my opinion I don’t believe so and sadly not all share this point of view on the subject.

We are often ridiculed for our choices despite the fact that these tattoos are often done in memory of loved ones.

Just as a person is entitled to dress however they choose we should be entitled to modify our bodies in ways that effect only us.

Jobs often let go of or do not even considering brilliant and capable individuals because of a piercing or tattoo.

This should not be so and as an individual who was directly affected because of these stereotypes I feel its time for a change.

Society must open it’s eyes and abandon the ignorance which has shielded us from loving and accepting others.

Not everyone who has a tattoo is a career criminal and not everyone who has a piercing is nut case undeserving of your love or compassion