Leaving behind what helps us progress

Frank Gonzalez

Society has relied heavily on technology for centuries yet when something new is developed we often abandon that which has helped us progress.

For instance, over the last decade we have seen a significant decline in radio, television, and newspapers.

These areas of information, which have been the foundation of information technology, over the last century have seen a sharp decline in followers.

Although no longer seen as relevant or timely I feel its completely unnecessary to abandon these outlets of information as they brought us to where we stand today.

Had it not been for newspapers, information would have never been spread worldwide in an overnight fashion.

Without radio updates information would never have be at a listeners ears by simply turning a knob.

It wasn’t only till recent technological breakthroughs that television, which society has been heavily dependent on since the 60’s, has become obsolete.

With the development of the recent internet phenomenon the world as we know it has changed as individuals no longer need older outlets of information when they can do so at their own convenience and fingertips.

I beg to differ however when the internet fails where do we turn for information? When your cell phone can no longer give you an update what then?

In abandoning these information outlets we abandon that which has made us who we are today.

With every failure we have to resort to older outlets for information. It is neither difficult nor impossible to pick up a newspaper, turn on a radio, or flip the switch on your television.

Knowledge empowers us and you can’t do so by reading the latest gossip column online.

I ask that we not forget or abandon that which has enabled us to get where we are today.

By forgetting these outlets we forget the human element in education and in doing so we abandon humanity.

The solution is simple, all we have to do is take the time out of our not so busy days to relax, listen, read or watch that which educates and informs us.