Stop voting unknowingly and irresponsibly

Frank Gonzalez

When elections are said and done, when the campaign commercials end and after our votes have long been cast and tallied many of us never follow our elected officials or decisions.

We simply get wrapped up in the emotion and are mesmerized by those who speak before us.

When your done voting though do you constantly keep tabs on those who you helped put into office?

Many individuals don’t and sadly all the campaign promises become an afterthought as most politicians adhere to their party guidelines.

At any level political disappointments are rampant and no-one can be blamed other then those who put those individuals there.

It is important and our responsibility to follow the politicians whom we put into office and to voice our discontent when something they promised is long forgotten.

Although voting is our given right does that mean that you should unknowingly and irresponsibly step into that booth to vote for a person who you saw in a commercial?

Its important to educate yourself prior to voting and to base your decision on the best candidate not their party affiliation or charm.

Its vital for voters to follow the politicians they put into office and to make sure that prior to placing a vote for that individual you’ve looked at all areas of information.

Empty campaign promises, uneducated voters and irresponsibility have placed our country in the difficult situations we now face.