What our generation leaves behind

Frank Gonzalez

Generations are known for something in particular and are often defined by what great accomplishments were realized in their time.

Our generation has seemed to lack this definition and although our recent mark on history has been electing an African American man as president have we done much more?

I don’t think we have and although this accomplishment is ground breaking were merely leaching off of an accomplishment generations before us pushed to achieve.

If anything we are known as the generation who has become lazy and has become out of touch with humanity.

Individuals between the ages of 18 and 30 haven’t really done much for society aside from a few individuals who are the bright spots, other then that we have nothing more to offer.

Rather then help society progress we have been marred by murder, robbery, violence, drunk driving, selfishness and ignorance all of which have caused a decline in our society.

I think its not the our generation is incapable of accomplishing greatness but rather we lack the motivation to do so.

Why volunteer and help someone when you can save your money to trick out your car?

Why feed the homeless when you can grab a cheeseburger for a dollar and take care of yourself?

Individuals are no longer motivated to achieve something great in their lifetime when our parents take care of us and our mentality is often, “out of sight out of mind”.

With all that we spend on irrelevant things and rather then invest our time in pointless ventures I feel that we should do something productive.

Its not a matter of how much time you spend volunteering or how much you contributed to a charity but rather what have you done as an individual to leave your mark in this world.

Its not to late for our generation to save itself but as time passes and we continue to do nothing we forever tarnish our reputations in history and let down the generations who have come before us.