Taking advantage of good intentions

Frank Gonzalez

As the holidays near and everyone falls into the giving spirit we often forget how gullible we can be.

For instance while several legitimate charities ask for donations others who prey on the gullible do so as well.

Unknowingly we donate thousands of dollars to con artists throughout the year who prey on our kindness and ignorance.

These individuals are perhaps some of the worst human beings in the world as they can take money away from the needy to line their own pockets.

We cannot forget though that it is also our fault that these criminals can continue to get money by not researching where our money goes.

If we simply take the time to look where our money is going we can do so much more for this world by actually helping those in need.

We can also help society by volunteering and giving food to shelters and charities rather then simply making a cash donation.

Money is not the only means of helping those in need and by taking the initiative to do something in person we can help the world.

Pay attention before you place that dollar into the box by the cash register and always remember to consider where that money is exactly going.