Teaching children fantasy from reality

Frank Gonzalez

Over the last decade several parental groups and psychologists have taken a strong opposition to both violent television programs and video games.

Their argument is often that children are directly affected by the violence portrayed to them and as result grow up to become violent individuals.

Although recent incidents have given ammunition for those who oppose these shows and games does it seem fair to blame them entirely?

For instance in a world where there is no such thing as a safe neighborhood and violence constantly surrounds us it is not feasible to blame the media for the behavior of our children.

This blame lies entirely on the parenting of the child and whether the parents take the initiative to show their children fantasy from reality.

Clearly not every child who plays a violent video game is destined to become a career criminal.

It seems that both television and video games have become the scapegoat for parents as they can no longer control their children.

Although children are at times impressionable it seems like complete ignorance to blame a game for a child’s outcome later in life.

Perhaps we don’t give our children enough credit by assuming that they are unable to distinguish for themselves right from wrong.

If we continue to shield our children from reality how can we expect them to face adversity later in life and succeed?

Life is difficult and at times cruel if our children cannot learn this then surely they cannot become productive adults when times get rough.