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Samantha Robinson

Cerritos College will be a little lighter by the end of next semester if the Pound by Pound challenge has anything to do with it.

The Pound by Pound challenge is a free 16-week weight loss program offered to students and faculty at Cerritos College.

While no credit is offered for joining the program, a free physical and nutritional training is provided.

Participants start with a physical and fitness test to determine their health and abilities.

Then they are required to go into the school’s fitness lab at least twice a week to exercise and must see the certified nutritionist a minimum of twice a month.

“Step up and stay active together” is the program’s slogan and the “3 P’s” are incorporated in all the activities: Proper nutrition, proper training, and positive motivation.

How to eat and exercise properly is also stressed in the program. Trips to the grocery store are planned to teach what foods should be bought and which shouldn’t.

Monica Chora, a nurse at the Student Services Center at Cerritos College said, “It’s just a good program to teach you weight management and the best part is it is all free (for students and faculty).”

Estimated enrollment is projected to be around 250 for the semester.

Coordinator of Student Health Services and of the weight loss program Nancy Montgomery stated, “Making their health a priority (is a must). Things are mandatory in the program for a reason.Someone who isn’t serious about getting healthier isn’t going to benefit from the program.”
Orientation for new and returning participants was held on January 14. The program is set to begin on January 19.
Dr. Ni Bueno, health education department chair, said, “Participants will leave this program with much higher energy and better self confidence. And that is what we wanted.”

For more information please visit: http://cms.cerritos.edu/shs/PoundByPound or call 562-860-2451, ext 2321.