Media needs to cut coverage of Montag’s surgery

Wendy Solorio

With all of the recent press surrounding the dramatic changes to ‘The Hills’ star Heidi Montag’s body, one has to wonder: Who cares?

The media has the right to report news from all over the world, including from the entertainment world.
But even so, is it really worth putting this story on the cover of People magazine? Or making it one of the top stories on Good Morning America?
The reality t.v. star has been under scrutiny for the recent surgeries that she claimed will help her be ‘the best me.’
It’s obvious that the 23-year-old has issues with her body. After receiving 10 plastic surgeries in a single day, I too feel disturbed by it and feel she needs psychological help.
But even so, giving this story so much coverage on television and in magazines is not necessary.
Her surgeries may send the wrong message to other young girls that are insecure about their looks.
The more coverage this story gets, the more likely it is for thousands more to consider dangerous procedures similar to Montag’s.
I am contradicting myself for also covering this story, but Montag’s insecurities about herself should raise concerns.
Because the fact of the matter is, 20 or 30 years from now she’s going to look back and realize that there was never anything wrong with the way she looked before surgery.
But again, I think the media should concern themselves with far more important things.