Project H.O.P.E. continues to help students

Marquisha Hames

Project H.O.P.E. starts off the new year right with new beginnings’ as they get prepared for their orientation on Feb.24.’ The event will be held on Wednesday at 11:00 a.m.’ Going to the orientation will help show support and be more involved in something positive here on campus.

Project H.O.P.E. stands for Health Opportunities and Pipeline to Education which means for a Project H.O.P.E student to receive advantages that a lot of other college students do not get to see.

Project H.O.P.E helps student’s by increasing their’ positive level as they prepare themselves for their careers.’

Some of the ways that Project H.O.P.E. helps are’ Tutoring in Science and Math also they have Academic Success Worships, Study Groups and sometimes guess speakers.
Guest Speaker Dr. David E. Hayes-Bautisa’ came to Cerritos’ College on Friday , January 29 at 9:00 a.m. and had some helpful hints and information to help encourage students in the future. He said, ’92 % of Latino College Students start at Community Colleges and this is why I support Project H.O.P.E.’

Project H.O.P.E has an out -reach program where they go out to high schools like’ Artesia’ and Norwalk high school.

Soledad Enrichment Action also known as SEA is a program where they reach out to young scholars to find out what their Hope’s and Dream’s’ are.

Project H.O.P.E. also has Leadership and Community Service program where they go out to variety of communities, where they not only try to improve on making a better and cleaner community for others, but to also increase health care awareness’
and provide exposure to more health careers and’ expand student services.

Project H.O.P.E. also encourages Family Participation by promoting family involvements through activities, courses and worships.

Inside Project H.O.P.E. a monthly group has’ emerged called ‘Parents for project hope.’ Here in this group parent’s go out and support and also promote higher education for young adult’s that want to’ strive for a’ better life.

Gloria Elias, Nursing major, said , ‘Back in 2007, at Huntington Park High where I attended a school field trip for’ Humanity Services,I found Project H.O.P.E. very interesting and wanted to know more about it.’ My position here at Project H.O.P.E. is an Instructor Aid 1. Where I help student’s and service them as they enter the program. Different people have different titles but we all have the same purpose. My Goal for 2010 is to make good choices in class and to keep the new and old student’s on track with grades and’ other activities as I guide them to their dream’s, she added’

Vanessa Ojeda, Psychology major, said, ‘ Fall 2008 is when I got started for Project H.O.P.E. I found out about Project H.O.P.E. through an old director name Graciela Vazquez. I am a Instructor Aid 1 which is an hourly aid to provide instructions to student’s and new comer’s as well.’ My plans for 2010 is to help students if they need help with any questions they may have and to introduce the new students to be more involved.’

You may contact Project H.O.P.E. by website, telephone number and by appointment. WEB SITE
(562)653-7847- TELEPHONE NUMBER
Office Hours and location Cerritos College in the Science Building Room S-120C
Office Hours M-F 8-30 AM-5 P.M.