Graduation petition deadline arriving

Marquisha Hames

Cerritos College students must file for a request for an AA Degree/Certificate of Achievement form by March 1 and return to the counselors office in order to have their name appear in the Commencement Program.

That will take place on May 15,2010. Those who file after the deadline will still participate in the commencement, however their name will not appear in the program.

Students need to follow these steps:

•You must go to the Admissions Office or the Student Activities Office to apply for the request form.

•From there complete the form, and then return the form before March 1 to the Counseling Office.

The Counselors will give the news on rather it’s a go or there is a few things that needs to be complete before May 15 comes.

By doing this Petition Daniel Sharper Major Undecided said, “An AA degree is a good start, such as getting your Bachelor’s and Master’s as well. But even though it is worth the wait you must support your self some how.  At the end of the day you have to do what is right for you in the end”.

Also added by Valerie Aguiar Major- Nursing included,” She thinks it is really good for an AA to be petitioned. I think it is faster compared to a 4-year or 5 year process at a University. Because compared to a 4 year you have to wait up to 5 years just to take the courses for your major. Contrast to a 2 year at a junior college where you can just get your AA Degree”.

President of the Black Student Union Tiffanny  Gaskin Major- English believes,” It is better to do better in school and to strive harder for your AA Degree. An AA degree is good, because normally students just come to complete their General Education(G.E.) instead of just striving for their AA Degree’s, because once you have it is just a higher step to your Goal of Success.

From a staff protective Nikki Jones- Judicial Affairs Secretary says,” This will be her 12th year contributing to the Commencement Ceremonies. I have learned that different students has different needs. I think more students come out to with encouragement and pride because they worked hard for what they have achieved in these pass years coming from the Admissions Office or the Students Activities Center.