stevenq-Baseball v. Chaffey

Steven Quintana

The Cerritos College baseball team had a big game at home against Chaffey, which ended with Cerritos on top, 15-7.

“We struggled the last two games and we were sick of it,” said head coach Jack Brooks after the game.

They played without starter Joe Terry due to a shoulder injury, though it didn’t seem to slow down the Falcons. “We had a great game and we played as a team and got the victory,” said shortstop Ralph Davis.

The Falcons got started at the beginning of the bottom of the first inning with a sac bunt by Matt Palmer and an error allowed Davis to score and Palmer was left ninety feet away from home.

Later in the first inning, a line drive down the middle by Max McEleney scored Palmer and Hector Gomez, making it 2-0 early lead for Cerritos.

The first inning continued to be dominated by the Falcons as they started the second inning with a huge 8-0 lead, which they kept until the fourth inning.

The Chaffey players began a rally after getting some men on base, and their efforts continued as a hit by Zachary Huebert scored Matthew Anderson and put Chaffey on the board.

Chaffey continued to fight and got into position to capture the lead in the fourth inning. But with a pitching change sent sophmore Chris Villalobos to the mound. ” I can’t let them score, I have to hold them,” commented Villalobos on his thoughts as he headed for the pitching mound

The first two hitters Villalobos faced both earned hit and RBIs, and then he went to work. Villalobos ended the inning with some strikeouts, with Cerritos barley on top of Chaffey 8-7.

Cerritos stretched its lead over the next three innings by six as Chaffey began struggling to find an answer for Villalobos, as he shut the Panthers out five straight innings giving up only two runs and three hits, ” I feel great, I put a couple of zeros up there,” said Villalobos after the game.

The game came to an end in the visiting half of the ninth inning after three pitcher changes and twenty-two runs total.