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Steven Quintana

Who is your favorite woman in history and why?

Abraham Gutierrez
Sociology major
“Harriet Tubman because she helped free the slaves.”

Alex Villegas
Electrical Engineering major
“My mom because she was able to raise me in a tough society with good social values.”

Vicky Ramirez
Psychology major
“Selena because the music she made was inspiring.”

Fanny Amezcua
Nursing major
“Rosa Parks because she fought for the rights of minorities.”

Gabby Benitez
Liberal Arts major
“Mother Teresa because she is the perfect role model for young girls. She was humble and generous. She was willing to put her life at risk for others. The bottom line is that she was a loving woman.”

Erika Gonzalez
Communications major
“Selena because she was one of the women I looked up to growing up.”

Michael Mejia
Graphic Design major
“Marilyn Monroe because she took everything to a whole new level, with modeling and everything else.”