ASCC elections up for grabs

Joey Berumen

The ASCC Presidential and Student trustee candidates were officially announced April 7.

Running for the offices of President and Vice president are the tickets of Felipe Grimaldo and Luis Ong, David Aguirre and Laura Casteneda, Marco Tolento and Joseph Silvia.

Marco Tolento, current President Pro tem and Economics/ Accounting major, is making his first attempt at the office of ASCC President.

Tolento, I.C.C. representative for the Triathlon Club as well as a member of The Spice Club, single parents in college for excellence club, International Students Association, Phi Beta Kappa, Anime Club, Math Club and Economics club, thinks he is he right candidate for he job.

” I always make sure to find a way to make sure things happen, I don’t stop until I get to the top, and with me the school will get to the top,” Tolento said, “I will back every student and be there to help them.”

David Aguirre, the second candidate on the ticket, is currently in his third semester of student government. Currently acting as the Commissioner of Student Services, and maintaining involvement with clubs like, The Queer Straight Alliance, I Falcon, the I.S.A and environmental Club, Aguirre believes his leadership qualities are what Cerritos College needs during this rough economic time.

” I know I have a lot of leadership qualities, since the state is broke, I think it is a good time to avoid new projects and focus on the programs we have now. We need to try and avoid spending,” Aguirre said.

The third candidate for ASCC President is Felipe Grimaldo, a Political Science and Fine Arts major.

Grimaldo, a veteran of student government, is attempting to use his past experiences as, Student trustee and Vice President to help secure his spot in office, believing that his experience is key to take Cerritos College in a positive direction.

“Doing both Student Trustee and Vice President I feel more involved then ever,” he said, “I realized the importance of both positions. I feel being both I can get and relay information effectively to the students.”

Grimaldo is also actively involved with several clubs on campus. He is President of the veterans club as well as a member of Phi Beta Kappa, The International Student Union, The environmental Club and artist society.

Grimaldo is also running for Student trustee, which is one of his current positions.  His challenger to the position, come in the form of Briana Koeppe an accounting major, who has spent the last three semesters on the Senate.

Koeppe also serves on the Health and Safety Committee, is Vice President of Phi Betta Kappa, is a member of the Economics Club, and the Retract Environmental Club.

While she has kept herself busy with all her extra curricular activities, Koeppe believes this is just the beginning of what is to come for her Cerritos College career.

“Senate is just a small part of what happens on campus, I want to take that next step by being a part of the Board of Trustees,” Koeppe said.

“I live in a home of 12, so I know how to maintain order,” said Koeppe.

Presidential and Student trustee elections will be held April 21 and 22 from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. and from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m.