Steven Quintana

Another loss leaves the Cerritos baseball team with only hopes and dreams of the playoffs after falling 7-3 to ECC Compton Center on Saturday, and a win against Pasadena heals its wounds.

“Were not that good,” said a dissapointed baseball head coach, Jack Brooks, after the game Saturday.” There’s a lot that needs to be fixed.”

It seemed all outfielder Jacob Eaton could do was agree with his coach after their loss. ” I think we just needed to hit when it counted, when there was someone in scoring positions,” Eaton said.

“It seems when we get down, we all get down… and when we get up we all get up, but when they get that first run on us we all get down and can’t seem to pick ourselves up.”

That’s just what happened Saturday at Kincaid Field. ECC Compton Center scored on a single in the second inning and never looked back.

Cerritos managed to tie the game up in the fourth innning but never captured the lead from ECC Compton Center.

The only thing there really was to celebrate was a solo homerun in the seventh inning by designated hitter Joe Terry, though that was still overshadowed by a three run deficit.

In the sixth inning ECC Compton Center drove four runs in and one more in the eigth inning leaving it four runs ahead of Cerritos at the end of this conference game.

“What needs to be fixed is the coaching, fielding, pitching, hitting, and the overall attitude,” commented Brooks. “They just don’t have that winning attitude.”

Though that “winning attitude” seemed to appear on Tuesday when the Falcons faced Pasadena City College in a 7-3 win at Kincaid Field.

The Cerritos College baseball team’s will face Pasedena City College at Pasadena on Thursday and El Camino at home on Saturday.

Cerritos has beaten El Camino in their previous game together, and though its a tie in it’s record against Pasadena, Cerritos has a good chance for a three game win streak.