Students are now able to view required course material online

Marquisha Hames

Students are now able to see what materials are required for their classes when they book online.

March 9, 2010 saw a change in the system that students register for classes on. Now, the ISBN, price and other related information about class materials is available to students within their schedules.

The new information will only be available until July of 2010, however Cerritos College wants to continue to provide this information.

Lee Krichmar, director of information technology, says, “We are reliant upon our Follet Bookstore to electronically pass this information to us, so we could display this information onto the web. This will allow students to see individual prices for books that are associated with our specific class offerings.”

Jessica Demoss, undecided major, says, “I guess it is a good idea, I hope it gets better throughout the year.”

Because this is a new program for the Follet Bookstore, they are asking for students to ask questions when in need of assistance. Not only can students buy books online but they can be better prepared for their classes

Cameron Lee, undecided major, says, “From my experience from being an undergrad last year and coming back to school. It seems its good for students.”

A part-time librarian commented, “Most students are not familiar with the system, however that’s okay because we are here to assist them in every way we could.”

Making your book problem s as easy as as 1,2,3.

1. Once you select your class in your class schedule you will see (BOOK LINKS) on the right hand side
2.When clicking on the (BOOK LINKS) you will see the detailed book information it will say REQUIRED then following it will say Choose and PLEASE SELECT FROM THE FOLLOWING.
3.If a book is not found it will say No COURSE MATERIALS REQUIRED FOR THIS COURSE. If unable to find the specified course.