Fitness Tip (Chest)

Miguel Salas

This week we got our workout from a Cerritos College student and amateur bodybuilder,  19 year old Jorge Mendoza.  This will be a more challenging workout for those of you who may be interested in higher intensity workouts, as it requires heavy weight. For these workouts you will increase the weight 5 to 10 lbs every set, you could lower the reps as you go by two, for example: Start at 10, then 8, then 6. You can also attempt to stay at 10 reps all the way through the 3 sets if you feel you can. However make sure you are increasing weight every set.

Butterflys- This workout focuses on your inner chest area. Grab a pair of dumbbells and lie on a flat bench. Your arms should be at your sides at a 90 degree angle and your palms facing your legs. Extend your arms and rotate your wrists slightly so your palms are facing eachother when your arms are fully extended. For this workout only, do 4 sets starting at 20 reps. Make sure you’re using the right weight for you to complete these sets. Lower the reps each set, end at about 10 reps on your 4th set.

Incline Bench- You will be using a barbell on an incline bench, this workouts your upper chest. Lie on the incline bench, grip the bar with an overhand grip a little bit wider than shoulder width. Lower the weight to your upper chest then press the bar back up until your arms are extended. This covers size, definition and strength. Do 3 sets starting at 10 reps and go down by two reps  each set as you increase the weight. Your 3rd set should end with 6 reps.

Dumbbell Rise-  This is for your lower chest, this helps get that cut or cup in your lower chest that helps the chest stand out.  With your feet at about shoulder width, start by holding the dumbbells at your sides, your palms should be facing forward.  Keeping your arms extended but not locked, lift up with your arms in the same extended position until the weights are at the same level as your head and squeeze your chest when you reach the top. Lower back down to starting position

Bench Press-  Grip the barbell with an overhand grip a little wider than shoulder width. Lower the weight to your mid-chest  area then press the bar back up until your arms are extended. Make sure not to grip the bar too wide. Do 3 sets starting at 10 reps, and go down by two reps each set as you increase the weight.

Here are some other tips our fellow falcon, Jorge Mendoza, gave us for you to benefit more from your workout. Make sure you eat before working out, oatmeal would be a good option. Excercising on an empty stomache will lead to your body burning muscle as fuel instead of using carbs. If you are burning muscle then you are defeating the whole purpose of this type of workout. Some good foods to eat after your workout include tuna, and grilled or boiled chicken.  Eating after your workout helps with the building and recover process for your muscles. Some things you should make sure you have is a spotter, which is someone who assists you when you are lifting for safety.  A weight training belt for back support is also something he suggests for heavy lifting. Make sure you hydrate and stretch, stretching after your workout helps your muscles recover and rebuild muscle better, as well as prevent knots which most avid athletes will tell you are quite a painful inconvenience. Enjoy your workout, thanks to Jorge Hernandez again for the routine.