Outdoor Cardio

Miguel Salas

The most neglected area of fitness is usually cardiovascular exercise. The thought of running on a track in circles under the hot sun, running on the “dreadmill”, or any of the many other conventional options may seem treacherous. Let’s face it, for most of us, cardio is boring. However, there are many other ways to get your cardio in that can be enjoyable and effective.  Here is what some Cerritos College students are doing to get their cardio in.

Philosophy major Chris Griswold tells us he goes hiking in Malibu canyon for a fun cardio workout.  “There are easier hikes along the flat areas, and the more challenging areas are in the valley, it all depends on what we are feeling like,” he said. “The scenery is really nice too, there are lots of dope waterfalls.”

Hiking is not only great to get your mind off things and enjoy nature; it will help build muscle strength in your calves, hamstrings, quadriceps and gluteus. You will want to take a backpack with some food, water, first aid and even weights. Doing so is not only convenient, but it burns more calories since it adds more to what you have to carry with your body.

Accounting major Camillo Salazar enjoys going kayaking with his girlfriend at the beach.  “Aside from having a good time, I get a great workout that I definitely feel the next day,” he said.

Kayaking gives a great upper body workout while increasing core and leg strength.  Moving a kayak at a simple five miles per hour will burn up about 400 calories per hour so it’s a cardio and strength exercise. Make sure to read up on kayaking to see if this is for you.

Susanna Ramirez, communications major says, “A good bike ride is always fun, especially on summer nights.”  

What’s the point of riding a bike at the gym that goes absolutely nowhere when you can ride an actual bike outdoors? Cycling proves to be one of the most effective exercises for shedding unwanted calories. A small amount of regular cycling is good enough to boost your metabolism level and help you maintain a healthy weight. It too can serve as a strenuous leg workout especially when going up and down hills.

The best part about these activities is you don’t have to do them by yourself. All of these make for entertainment any group can enjoy while bettering its health. Getting in the gym and pumping weights is only a part of keeping yourself in shape, cardio is definitely a must for shedding that extra weight that may be hiding a body you’ve worked hard weightlifting to get. Make sure to take plenty of water and whole foods to keep you going throughout your cardio pursuit.