stevenq- Men and womens Tennis over

Steven Quintana

The Cerritos College men’s and women’s tennis regular seasons are over after about four months of competition for men and about one and a half for women.

Both men and women came in second in conference and posted a record of 9-8 and a conference record of 7-2.

“I think it went great,” said freshman Daisy Alvarez. “We had a good conference run.”

Though she is satisfied with how her team’s season unfolded, noone was sent to the Southern California Regional tournament.

“I have no regrets,” said Alvarez. “We could’ve done better but I think we placed where we should’ve.”

The men faired similarly to the women but freshman Derek Siddique is dissapointed with the men’s tennis team’s performance.

“We didn’t do that good this season, we sucked,” said Siddique with a chuckle. “Individually I did well, but as a team we weren’t that great.”

The men still managed to send two singles players, Derek Siddique and freshman Pat Cayabyab, to the regional tournament.

Three doubles teams also made it to the regional tournament; Siddique and Anthony Peterson, Cayabyab and Tomas Pierson-Perez, and Mike Fitzgerald and Nick Johnson.

In the first day of the regional tournament Mike Fitzgerald and Nick Johnson lost their first match. The teams of Siddique and Peterson and Cayabyab and Pierson-Perez both advanced though Cayabyab and Pierson-Perez lost in day two.

Siddique is the only player taht made it to the state tournament, which will take place on Friday at the Balboa bay Club in Newport Beach.