Women hold up half the sky hits Cerritos

Marquisha Hames

Women hold up half the sky conference is part of an annual spring conference which features women through out California.

They are also sponsored by American Association and  Community Colleges. 20 years ago the name “WOMEN HOLD UP HALF THE SKY” came into use  from few faculty members.

The faculty has kept that name until now they also spread to orange county and pacific coast area.

There are many schools that attend the conference such as Golden West Community College, Irvine valley,  and El Camino.

Guest speakers included Dr. Marilyn Brock who was the Dean of Health and Science at Cerritos College and who is currently President of Coast Line Community College located in Fountain Valley.

Brock’s spoke about the “Knowledge for your Body and Mind”.

Dr. Ted Boehler who is the Dean of Technology, Innovation and Support at Coast Line Community College, spoke on the “Leveraging Technology in the Community College”.


Mr. Michael Carlucci an Olympian and current director of a baseball venue, spoke on ” Humor During Hard Times”.


Miriam Tolson -Program Assistant 2 and Faculty Senate Program Review spoke about leadership and organization through out the conferences that she has attended.


“I have been on the committee for 12 years now and the committee its self is comprised with a great group of lady’s that love to do things like this as well as the attendees.” Tolson said.


To become apart of the Women Hold Half the Sky conference or Group these are the following requirements.


There is a Registration  fee that is reduced by how ever much you have to offer, the regular fee is 30 dollars. It is open to all ages including faculty and staff and as well as students.


Attendee Pam Chambers Program Assistant 2 said, ” The conference is the best place to network with others. The speakers they get are very inspirational and you leave very motivated.”