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Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

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Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

Talon Marks

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M.reyes – soccer is unpopular due to economics

 With the many disputes around the world there are a few things we can agree on, like sports. This passed summer; South Africa hosted the 2010 World Cup with 32 different countries participating in a worldwide tournament all in search of “gold-cup glory.”

 The World Cup is the most watched sporting event ever. With every nation’s vast population watching and supporting their fellow peoples, how could anything else top it?

 Only the world’s most popular sport can draw such attention; that sport is soccer.

    Though all sports are appreciated worldwide, no sport draws in such universal attention and participants as soccer.

 Globally known as “futbol” or “football”, soccer may not be the most popular in individual countries. For Americans, football includes pads, helmets, pigskin, and popularity over soccer, as does baseball and basketball.

 While the U.S. may poke around in foreign affairs, why not adapt soccer as their number one sport as well?

 One word can answer that question, availability.

     Availability of resources, both culturally and financially, are the factors that make soccer popular outside of the United States.

 The necessary resources to play other sports may not be as abundant in other countries as they are in the U.S. In order to play any sport, let alone do anything, you need specific resources such as equipment, space, time, and money.

    The U.S. is a global power that reigns in the economic ranks in comparison to many other countries that are not as fortunate around the world.

Undecided major Alex Salcedo alluded to the fact that you don’t need much to play soccer. “It’s a poor sport, the majority of other countries are not as rich so soccer is pretty universal in a fiscal aspect at least,” he said.

Many can agree that the financial situation of the U.S. is far better off than most of the globe. A vast number of third-world countries lack the funds and may not have the time culturally. Day-to-day life differentiates greatly from that of an American to the everyday life of a child in Africa or most any other country.  While a child in the U.S.  may be required to attend school, a child in an underdeveloped country may not have the opportunity to do so and has the option to run abot and play with other children,. Why not kick around a ball to kill time?

 While other countries have and most certainly will continue to enjoy the 90-minute matches and spectacular goals, the U.S. may not jump on the bandwagon as America’s past-times continue to collect numbers all over the nation.

 Is there hope for soccer in the U.S.? Only time will tell, but time is money

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M.reyes – soccer is unpopular due to economics