Study abroad program’s possibility looks bright

Arianna Smith

Dean of Humanities and the Social Sciences division Bryan Reece has started discussing with a few faculty members a new opportunity for students at Cerritos College to enhance their education by studying abroad.

Listen to Bryan Reece’s announcement

Although Reece was sure to mention that this is not an actual launch of the program, some preparation has already begun on the new project. “This is not launching a program, so don’t run out and say we have a study abroad program. This is an update on a discussion that is going on that may end up launching a program,” he said. Reece met with Danita Kurtz, Director of the International Students Program and a vocal advocate for the study abroad program, as well as with Cerritos College president Linda Lacy.

Lacy recommends that the program proceed and be offered to help with the development as well as suggests a curriculum be established.

Another faculty member that has been consulted is Sunday Obazuaye, director of global studies, and Bill Farmer, vice president of academic affairs, who has had experience with the study abroad program in Pasadena.

Reece has partnered with CAPA International Education, which will help set up housing and other arrangements needed to keep the students safe and accommodated.

CAPA has partnered with several community colleges on similar projects. CAPA has facilities in locations such as Madrid, London, Sydney, Beijing and Florence, Italy. CAPA also offers liability coverage in case of an accident, and it has established facilities such as classrooms, faculty areas and study areas. Also available is assistance with program travel, administration, and housing.

This program will be an eight-week program and it allows faculty and students to fit the program into a nine-week session, and continue their classes upon their return to the U.S.

Expenses will be between $5,000 and $8,000 per student and financial aid and scholarships will be available

“We have already established a scholarship progam setup through another program that should generate $40-60,000 a year that we could use to help off set cost for students.” Reece said.

Faculty will have its expenses covered, except for entertainment purposes. As far as housing, faculty will be set up in apartments while students will either be set up in apartments or with host famillies.

The curriculum will be in accordance with Cerritos College and credit and one faculty member will be assigned to every 20 to 30 students.

The next steps in developing the program includes a half-day workshop on Sept.17,  In which some attendees will include Lacy, Farmer, Obazuaye, Reece and Kurtz. They will develop policies and procedures, set up management structure and the actual launch of the program.