Pound by Pound set to begin yet another semester

Marquisha Hames

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Pound by Pound re-opens its doors on last Tuesday for new members as it prepare for its orientation. Pound by pound is a new program that helps and encourages individuals to strive to get healthy.

The program improves their proper nutrition, productive training, and positive motivation.

Through this 16-week program, students will be taught how to train and eat the proper way.

Students will work out twice a day; Once in the morning and once in the afternoon on both days Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Nancy Montgomery, coordinator of Student Health Services and founder of the Pound by Pound program, breaks down the importance of being healthy and in shape as well as what she expects from the program.

“When I walked around the campus,” Montgomery said, “and noticed the tremendous numbers of obese, overweight and unhealthy young people on the campus, I felt I had to educate and help them understand they need to get in shape and improve their health.”

Zully Ybanez, sociology, psychology and cosmetology major said, “Since I have a heart condition, I want to be a part of this program. I think it will be a good program and it will be my first time being a part of something like this.”

There are steps that must be followed into enter the program properly, they are as follows.

1.    Fill out an application, which students  must complete thoroughly.

2.    Attend the orientation, which is an introduction period to the program that informs students of what they need to do.

3.    Data Collection; students must visit the Health Center which is located near the Culinary Arts Department. The data collection is simply a student’s height, weight, BMI (Body Mass Index) which tells them how much body fat that a student has.

4.    History and Physical Examination; students must have a medical release form if the student is under the care of a medical provider and it must be in written form.

Student’s will need a physical if bad health conditions exist. Also an EKG (Electro Kardio Gram) must be taken, which relates to any students who has had a heart condition in the past. But it must be referred by a Medical Doctor and the referral given cost is $32.

5.    Dietary data, which is scheduled within the first and second weeks of the program, which is called the “Weight Goal.” It consists of the student’s weight history, current eating habits and food chart and, lastly, a meeting with a dietitian to talk about the process.

6.    Weekly Requirements; All students must record and keep track of their height, weight, and health in a log. Also, a four-week tape and measure of student’s BMI and log in.

7.    Workout schedule; all students must sign in and out daily to every work out that they are present to the work out. The work out is a minimum of five days a week. Also, there is a boot camp which is held on Saturdays and the group session is once a month, which consists of six sessions. Weight training is where students meet up two to three times a week with a trainer and lift weights.

All participants are given a calendar with times and dates that are set and planned already.

Ariana Hernandez, nursing major, says, “I want to become healthier, and to lose weight. I am excited, nervous all at the same time.”

In 2009, over 500 pounds were lost by the participants that were involved in the program.

After Montgomery received a $7,500 grant from Kaiser Permanente in late of August, 2009 and small grants from the Cerritos College Foundation.

This year the program received $12,500 from Kaiser and they also received some small funding from the Foundation once again.

Montgomery said, “Simply to continue to offer the education and fitness workouts, along with making our campus become a healthy program which promotes healthy eating and physical activities to all students and staff. I would like to have the District adopt a college-wide wellness policy that promotes healthy eating and physical activities on our campus.”

Lakeysa Smith English major says, “I think it’s a wonderful program, because it is free and you do not get this type of work out for free in other places. I enjoy the work out, and this is my second year with the program and I am loving it.”

Pound by Pound’s staff includes two dietitians that will assist any student that needs any help with a problem that has occurred.

Dietitian Hazel Ng says, “Our nutrition component of the program emphasizes life-time changes in eating habits and lifestyle.  We’re not trying to put our participants on a ‘special diet’ for weight loss but to educate and make them aware of the ways to achieve a healthy lifestyle which will promote weight loss.

Rebecca Hinkle, biochemistry major, says, “I think it will be a very successful program. I feel good after the workout that has just taken place.”

Nazaret Montesdeoca, criminal justice major, says, “I think it is a good workout and a great program. I can’t wait to come back Thursday.”

Jose Alberto Hernandez, theatre arts major, says, “I think it is amazing, I think every student from Cerritos College should try this. If you are not doing anything, my suggestion is to come and get into the program.”

Amaris Gonzalez, english major, says, “It is not what I excepted at all. We are getting way more than when some one actually pays.”