Search to replace Dean Ackland begins

Arianna Smith

Due to the retirement of Coordinator of Student Activities Dean Ackland, a replacement is now needed.

Thus far, there have been 171 who have applied for the position. Director of Student Services Holly Bogdanovich, says that a screening process will take place in which applications will be pre-screened to see if they meet certain requirements. 

“There is a committee that is selected to decide what kind of questions to ask for the pre-screening as well as the actual screening process,” Bogdanovich said.

She went on to add that the pre-screening is where you sit down with all the applications that are turned in and you review them to see if they meet the criteria of the position.”

Although the exact criteria is confidential, adds Student Body Vice President Luis Ong, the applicants will also need experience with student services and a bachelors degree.

“What I know is you have got to have a bachelors degree. You have to have some experience with student services and being all about the students,” he said.

After the applicants are pre-screened, they go through a ranking system which leads to a decision by the committee.

After the pre-screening, each chosen applicant is interviewed one-on-one and then a decision is made, where it is then sent to the board of trustees who then approve the decision.

The committee is still in the pre-screening process, so the actual date for a decision will be made is still unknown, due to the 171 applicants that have applied.

“Right now we are in the pre-screening process and with 171 applications you can imagine that takes a little bit for a committee to get through,” Bogdanovich said.

As of now, the process is underway and not much details are given due to time constraints and confidentiality.