Astronomy club set to return to Cerritos

Arianna Smith

Physics and astronomy professors Jim Henriques and Thad Szebo have resurrected the Astronomy Club. The club has been inactive over the years due to the lack of an adviser.

However, Henriques and Szebo have eliminated that issue.

The Astronomy Club will have its first meeting Thursday in room S101 at 7 p.m. The club will be observing an array of constellations that evening.

“That’s when it gets dark so we can see things in the sky. You can do astronomy during the day but then it becomes all about the sun,” Henriques, also the adviser of A.S.E.T club, says.

Szebo says the club will give students experience with different viewing equipment.

“We want to get students more experienced with telescopes, how to set them up, how to use them for viewing and how to find things in the sky,” Szebo states.

Some things on the agenda for the club’s first meeting are the homecoming float and possible field trips.

“My guesses are that [the students] would like to tour some astronomical place like [Jet Propulsion Laboratory] or maybe go to the Griffith Observatory. They might want to have a float in the parade or have a homecoming queen.” said Henriques.