Old age versus youthfulness

Billy Turner and Billy Turner

Growing old is inevitable and, for some individuals, it’s a dreaded part of every year.

Everyone should look forward to growing old instead.

There is this saying with old age comes wisdom. I expect to live a long and healthy life, so bring on all the wisdom.

As we get older we all go through our own trials and tribulations, but that’s where we get our wisdom.

It’s just living and learning, and growing old is a mark of having lived more life than someone young.

I look up to those individuals who have lived pass the so-called old ages of 60, 70, 80 and even 114.

Yes there are people out in the world living pass 100. Walter turned 114 September 21, 2010.

Born in Melrose Minnesota Breuning is the world’s oldest man. Outliving his wife Agnes who died in 1957, Breuning’s attributes his ability for living a ripe old age to “cigarettes, whisky and wild, wild women, and a good sense of humor,” he told to Guinness World Records.

I have always looked up to older individuals because of the places they’ve been and the things they have seen.

There’s no telling what they’ve experienced, so whenever I come across an older individual, I shut my mouth and listen to what type of knowledge there about to “spit”.

Some people may begin to ramble on and on but if one pays attention, one can decipher wisdom from just another old trip down memory lane.

Getting to see the age of 100 is a blessing, your actually able to say I lived a century.

Just this past weekend, my grandfather James Harvey had a birthday and turned 80 years old.

I have always looked up to him for just being a strong individual and for all the great advice he has given me.

My grandfather always told me that old age is a state of mind, and to this day he still believes he is 24.

As the years go on, he still looks forward to waking up every morning, and so should we.

People who have lived pass the age of 100 are called Centenarians. There is even a organization for over 100 year old individuals called the National Centenarian Awareness Project.

The NACP began in 1989 and celebrates active centenarians who are role models for the future of aging.

There are disadvantages of growing old we all know such as out living family members, weakening of bones, grey hair, wrinkled skin, slight loss of eye sight and, the worse one we all fear, decreased brain function.  

There’s nothing we can do about growing old but we can try and stay as healthy as possible to live a long lifetime.

Well as the years go by I look forward to each day I awake and the day ill hit 100.