Rethinking – Paradigms brief- mhames`

Marquisha Hames

Gerda Lerner is a woman that has been through a lot growing up in the 1950’s and 1960’s. Lerner is now called “The Mother Superior of Women’s History” of the century today.

Lerner has also spoken about the definition of a Paradigm, which is a set of terms based on a single stem or theme.

A traditional woman in history is American history interrupted and written by men.

Stevie Merino anthropology major says, ” Its important that the issue of race, class, gender are discussed. So that we are able to deconstruct the isms that still exit like racism, classim, sexism.”

Back in the 1950’s, the women were being called housewives, which means women only have the job of cleaning the house, taking care of their children and taking of their husband.

Back in the early days people of color or people that are different race from African American people and White people could not do very much.

The United States were not giving out  visa’s to Jewish people or to any one, so what Lerner did was she found  some one who had a visa and prepared her self to marry that person so she would be able to stay in the United States of America.

Student Latasha Cleveland major sociology speaks about how she believes that woman should have more confidence with in them selves. Cleveland says, ” I believe that its only right for us women and men to know the real concept of what happen back in history time. This lecture is very important to me because i am learning more about what and why could not vote and how low we concord that issue.”

The Paradigm of American History consists of politics, economics, people and society.

Although Lerner did not like her husband lerner knew that she had to make sacrifices, so she moved to New York and became a stay at home mother and raised her children as her own.

Later Lerner realized that she was not happy and did not really like her husband very much so she divorced him and moved on with her life .

To become something much  more than what she was at first, she received her Bachelor’s Degree at Columbus University.

Your normal men and women would agree to equalise by coming becoming as one.

Student Chris Griswold major philosophy says, ” I believe in equallity, but just that reverse – racism exists, let us remember when we address sexual equallity that we seek a balance. We are not simply shifting power from men to women, white to black and e.t.c. we seek a balance. we are all human , let’s not forget it.”