Another look at float building

Gonzalo Saucedo

Different Cerritos College clubs began individually building their homecoming floats on Oct. 11 in hopes of constructing the best one.

The float building took place on the east side of Falcon Field.

Each club would have until Friday night to have built their finish product.

On Saturday, their respective floats would be presented to a committee of faculty and staff to be judged during the homecoming football game’s halftime show.

Director of Student Activities Holly Bogdanovich oversaw the commencement of the building as each club chose the base for their floats and began to shape their preliminary ideas and plans for the floats into reality.

Representatives of each club waited for their number to be called so that they may choose a spot for their float building and move forward with their designing.

Many clubs scrambled to gather supplies to begin working.

Julia Namalata, nursing major and president of the Kabarkada Club, said, “We need to finish the float as soon as possible, basing from last year’s experience when we had to cram building on Friday night.”

Others merely chose their float base and called it a day.

The Dental Hygiene Club was one of the clubs that chose to put the work off until later.

Syn Khoua, dental hygiene major and president of the club, explained her club’s reasons for not beginning their work so quickly.

“We have about four exams next week and two the following week, so we’re all extremely overworked and stressed, but we are going to make the best out of this situation.”

This year, the clubs were instructed to construct their floats to revolve around the theme of “Literature Classics”.

Ideas utilized by clubs included the likes of “Around the World in 80 Days,” “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,” and “Beowulf.”

Deserving clubs would receive awards for different accomplishments for their floats after their homecoming halftime show judging.