a.smith food drive club competitions`

Arianna Smith

 The Board of Accountancy Club is gearing up for this year’s food drive club competition.

After successfully raising 12,000 food items last year, club vice-president and math major Frank Gonzalez expects to increase that number.

Gonzalez also mentioned that the club would be repeating the strategy that earned it second place last year.

The club members are going to Business, Economics and finance classrooms and asking students to donate food items for use in the club donation competition.

The club is also offering a pizza party as a reward for the top donating class.

“We’re going to going to put together a contest together and the top class will get pizza.” He said.

He also said the incentive really helped the club to raise a lot of donations.

“It really got people motivated and so by the end of the food drive we were able to bring in 12,000 food donations.” 

He also mentioned a new amendment to the strategy, this year the club would increase the number of classrooms targeted for the donation contest and the increase of the goal.

“Last year it was 39 classrooms, we’ve bumped it up this year to 70 classes. That’s almost twice the students so we expect twice the donations so our goal on campus this year will be 25,000 food items,” he said.

The Board of Accountancy club isn’t just focusing on campus but it is asking businesses to help also, which would bring its total goal to 50,000 items donated.

The club also plans to do what it calls “supermarket visits,” where each club member donates an hour or two of his or her time to sit outside of a supermarket and ask for donations.

The club competition begins Oct. 18 and ends Nov. 18, but according to ASCC Vice-president Luis Ong, people can still donate up to Dec. 3 despite the club competition being over.

ASCC receptionist  Nancy Bonilla  offers an alternative for clubs who may have some trouble getting food donations “People can donate money if they wanted to, so like a dollar would count like a can.” she explained

 The Norwalk Chamber of Commerce will come in December and pick up the donations whch will be distributed amongst local needy families in Norwalk.

If you or your club would like to participate in the club competition you can see Nancy Bonilla or Holly Bogdanovich in the ASCC office located next to the bookstore.