Library Club does its part in AIDS walk


Courtesy of the Library Club

Members of the Library Club take part in the Downtown Los Angeles AIDS Walk. The club’s members used the activity as a way to bond with each other

Megan Winters

Cerritos College Library Club took part in a 10k (6.2 mile) walk in West Hollywood in support of the 26th annual AIDS Walk Los Angeles on Sunday Oct. 17.

Although not all club members participated in the event, nine members, along with club co-advisor Monica Lopez and a few family members walked through the rain for a charitable cause.

Over 30,000 participants showed up to the event which started at 10 a.m. in memorial of those who have past and or who have contracted the virus.

For most members, the event was to help bring the club together, but some members like Club President, Enrique Siliezar did the walk with other intentions in mind.

“I personally know someone, a family friend, who has passed away because of AIDS.  She left two daughters behind who I know as well.

“In part of doing this club event, because one of the club members brought it up, it was also because of that reason so the walk had a little bit of a sentimental value.”

The club is raising funds to contribute to the AIDS foundation. Together they have raised $50 thus far and have until the beginning of November to raise additional money.

Lopez, a first time AIDS walk participant, explains her experience with the club and doing the walk.

“Doing things like this when you’re fundraising and when doing it with a group it just means a lot more.”

Lopez adds, “As a club, one of their goals is to give back to the community so they are going to start to do that a lot more in the next year or so.”

Because the walk was such a rewarding movement for members, the club is now eager to partake in more activities such as the AIDS walk.

 “Our club is still really new and we’re still working on what we want our club to be like but most defiantly it felt good going out and helping out,” Co-Treasurer Jessica Soster said.

“We’ve talked and like to volunteer for the next AIDS walk but if not we’re definitely looking forward to going back again, I think it was an awesome experience,” Siliezar said.

It took a little over three hours for the club to complete the walk and each participant received a certificate of completion.