dumb facebook statuses

Gonzalo Saucedo

“Just got up!  Going to shower!  Then going to school!  Text me!”

Is your Facebook wall congested with unnecessary and worthless status updates such as the one above?

This confounding dilemma affects millions of Facebook users every day.

The 140 characters allowed in a Facebook status should a be a medium through which friends and associates keep in touch with each other, provide relevant information, and share the occasional funny picture or video with their online community.

Sadly, this is far from reality.

Countless users abuse the Facebook status with painfully insignificant reports on their mundane daily schedules and routines, extensively overused quotes and proverbs, and pathetically passive attempts of defaming others– all cardinal sins of Facebook.

Our first type of dumb status is perhaps the most common.

This type of status, sampled at the top of the story, actually provides readers with an ample amount of information… stupid, useless information.

Unless you get a kick out of attracting online predators, no one is interested in having your every move documented on Facebook, or the embarrassing enthusiasm you display with them.

And then there are the people who fill their feeds with generic quotes and sayings they believe will motivate every one of their Facebook friends to save the world.

“Be all that you want to be,” is a shining example of the type of mind-blowing statuses I’ve come across in this category.

Apparently, the wisest, most intellectual beings on our Earth spend the bulk of their lives on their couches, relaying only the most enlightening of messages to the masses– messages fit exclusively for their 43 Facebook friends.

Last, but not least, are the most laughable of Facebook statuses– the not-so-subtle “I’m talking trash about you behind your back” statuses.

“Don’t you hate it when the person you loved turns out to be your worst enemy?”  “Some people are so stupid!”  “I’ve never met a meaner person in my life…”

These are priceless.  Not only do these openly showcase a sad desire for attention and consolation from people who have no idea what you’re talking about, it exposes the user’s inability to confront their problems in person.

All the while, the status’s creator secretly wishes that the person they’re bashing reads it and realizes the error in their ways– hilarious!

Given these different Facebook offenses, I am not even mentioning the poor spelling and grammar that usually accompanies them.

Some of it is very poor.

The bottom line is that we must improve the filtering of our Facebook statuses!  You don’t need to pepper your Facebook friends’ walls with ridiculous, senseless, dumb status updates.

Please do your part and help end this epidemic.