New coordinator of student activities ready for work


Jim Brannon/TM

New Coordinator of Student Activities Amna Jara works with ASCC President Felipe Grimaldo and Vice President Luis Ong. Jara says she is enthusiastic to work and is looking forward to learning her duties

Victor Diaz

Former Automotive Department Program Facilitator Amna Jara is ready to take the reins as the new Cerritos College Coordinator of Student Activities.

Jara, better known as AJ by her peers, is taking over the position after Dean Ackland retired six months ago.

Jara has been a part of the Cerritos College community since 2004, earning the employee of the year award in 2008.

Roxanne Mitchell, secretary for the Technology Division, said, “She’s always going above and beyond what she’s required to do. She’s always there to get done what needs to be done, whether it’s her job or not.”

Mitchell also referenced Jara’s work ethic with students who needed assistance.

“She would always work to resolve whatever issues there were. She did whatever she needed to do to get students into the classes they needed to be into,” she said.

Regarding the change to her new position, Jara said, “I think the transition would be easier because I know everybody on campus already. I think it’ll be a good fit.”

Jara is also looking forward to working with students and their various needs.

Another challenge that Jara is anticipating at her new position is collaborating with her fellow ASCC co-workers.

“They have been so welcoming and very nice. I’m really looking forward to working with them,” she said.

Jara mentioned how her previous experience working at Isuzu Motors has helped her during her time at Cerritos.

She said, “I came from corporate America, so it was a huge learning curve for me. The schedule for the Automotive Department is very complex.

“I think by getting that background, it kind of eases me into the transition because I already know all of the vendors the school works with and the major departments that this department works with.”

Jara plans on taking this new position one step at a time and not make any unnecessary changes.

“At this point, I’m not looking to change anything, I just want to learn my job and learn how things are done,” she said.

According to Director of Student Activities Holly Bogdanovich, she expects Jara to take a more hands-on approach with students.

“We’re looking for someone who can work with our clubs and organizations and be an active part in them and bring that kind of enthusiasm and involvement.”

She also said that although Jara is replacing Ackland, she knows that with new faces come new ideas.

“You can never replace someone who has left and you don’t plan to hire somebody who is that person,” she said.

“You want a new person to bring that spark and has the enthusiasm for what they do and what they want to do here.

“I think AJ is definitely the person who can bring that for our clubs and organizations as well as the Student Activities Department and our programs.”