Outstanding Faculty Award nominations now available

Mayra Salazar

Students, staff and faculty can nominate the faculty members for the Outstanding Faculty Award with nomination forms that can be found at several locations throughout the Cerritos campus.

Areal Hughes, Awards Committee ICC Commissioner, explains that the award is mean for faculty members who have gone “above and beyond what their jobs ask for” and “need to be recognized.”

Hughes believes that there are several faculty members who are well-deserving of a nomination.

She said, “I have a couple in mind. A lot of faculty members have come through for me in tough times.”

According to Hughes, each student is only allowed one chance to nominate. She continued, “I have a lot I’d like to nominate, so I’m going to have to narrow mine down.”

Unlike Hughes, Kiann Charvonnet, dance major, has no doubt about who she would like to nominate.

“Rebekah [Davidson]. She teaches dance here,” Charvonnet continued, “She’s a great teacher and whenever you need help, she’s there.”