J Bottom. In N Out

Jimmy Bottom

According to Amna Jara Coordinator of Student Activities she has helped serve In-N-Out for six years to new and returning students alike. An event that has been around longer than six years seems to have become a tradition here at Cerritos College that starts every first week of school. For the price of waiting in line you can get yourself a In-N-Out burger, a bag of chips, and a nice cold iced soda. Okay, well maybe today wasn’t the best day to drink something cold considering it was 60°F. but free food is always a plus on a college students budget and needs to satisfy hunger.


“It’s good to start off because other colleges don’t do this,” Says Mayra Cortez, Student Body Government Senate, whose majoring in Administration of Justice. “Today we do it in the afternoon to help the students who come to school at 5:30PM and on. You know some students come after work and are hungry.”


About an hour before the event starts a long line has formed with famished students waiting for the In-N-Out truck to start serving. The first student in line Manuel Tamayo states “I feel it’s good because people actually like In-N-Out.” and when asked if he knew who organized the event he shrugged and responded “I wish I knew so I could thank them.” Clearly showing his appreciation for the school’s effort to organize In-N-Out for the students.


Down the line Raquel Ramirez, Math major loves In-N-Out and when asked if waiting in line was worth it she replies, “It’s definitely worth it, In-N-Out makes the best burgers out there and to get it for free is awesome. It makes it worth it to be a student at Cerritos.”


Jessie Sisneros, major psychology describes what it’s like at the end of line “Sure, I’ve got nothing else better to do while I wait till class starts so why not.”


It seems like those waiting in line whether it’s the front or last in line don’t mind the wait for the In-N-Out truck to start serving food. Cold, or hot the students of cerritos college are grateful for food they’re all familiar with and that’s ready for them to consume.