A Hodge — Snap-On Car Show (Incomplete)

Anthony Hodge

Snap-On Tools, One of the global manufacturers, and marketers of tools and equipment, visited the campus on Jan. 18 to promote their tools and show off their flashy race car and motorcycle.

According to sales manager Travis, Snap-on Incorporation visited the campus back parking lot for No Compromise tour for customer appreciate day.

The company promoted cordless, air, and hand tools. However, it was the Snap-on race car and motorcycle that caught students attention.

“I was just walking to class and the bike caught my attention,” said Brent, business administration major.

Brent was one of many students who were impressed with the automobiles.

“It’s good that they do things like this,” said Luis Holguin, automotive student who first seen the tour truck and “the big engine.”

The tour bus also featured video clips of shows and the 90 year history of Snap-on.