TalonNet delays cause trouble for students

Anthony Hodge

Some students have received error messages through the TalonNet website, an issue that has been going on since the beginning of the semester.

Lee Krichmar, director of Information Technology, stated, “We’ve experienced unexpected heavy traffic this semester and our two TalonNet servers have been unable to perform accordingly.”

Krichmar also stated that the technology team worked on a third server last week “to increase the overall capacity.”

Last Saturday, a scheduled maintenance was performed on the TalonNet databases. Not every student was able to work online.

However, Krichmar stated, “As of 7:00 p.m. on Feb 7, we have successfully merged all student assignments (before and after the maintenance) that were submitted online in TalonNet.

Students can know see their assignments online, Krichmar said to report any issues to [email protected]

For some students, the TalonNet error has affected the timeliness of their assignments.

Keith Nieves, philosophy major who is taking a hybrid psychology 100 class, was one of many students who attempted to do an assignment and received the error message. 

After e-mailing the support staff about the error, Nieves was unable to log in into his TalonNet account and could not see his assignment.

“By the time I got to class, the assignment was already due and I was already behind,” Nieves said.

Although Nieves is not experiencing any more problems, there are students who (before the scheduled maintenance) have yet to start their classes.

“I feel frustrated because I’m trying to graduate and finish my classes,” Dianna Rundle, double major in criminal justice and child development, said.

Rundle took an Accounting and Business Communications class because all other classes were full.

“I don’t know what to do, I can’t drop them because the date has passed,” Rundle added.

Miguel Rivera, business major, was hoping that his online class would be more convenient because he is taking physical therapy. Instead, he found himself behind in his classes.

“Sometimes I get irritated because I don’t have the time to constantly e-mail her (his instructor) back,” Rivera said.

Rivera commented on what would happen if this issue would have continued.

“I’d probably have to talk to administration or the professor and let them know that online classes aren’t a good idea,” Rivera said.

Chris Griswold, philosophy major, commented about online classes.

He thinks, “[TalonNet] fails in its purpose to provide help to students outside of the classroom.”

Despite the students’ comments, Krichmar said that the overall complaints she gets are relatively few because she keeps faculty notified, and the faculty does the same with its students.

“We apologize for the inconvenience, but we expect a much more favorable experience beginning next week,” Krichmar said.