stevenq- a girl fell by the physical science building

Steven Quintana

A Cerritos College student fell next to the Physical Science building and hurt her right arm and leg Wednesday morning.

Lizette Sainz claims that she was just walking to class outside, when she slipped and fell on the wet metal plates in the concrete and she sat there until another student called for help.

An ambulance and fire engine showed up after 15 minutes to attend to the student.

The student was asked if she wanted to be taken to the hospital to get x-rays on her arm, as covered by the student fee that students pay, but refused because the ambulance ride is not covered by the student fee.

“One of the campus police officers called the health department called in and they told him and they couldn’t tell if they would pay for the ambulance,” Sainz said, “so its 900 dollars that would come out of my pocket and I don’t think it is fair when I fell in school.”

Sainz claims that someone driving around in a cart passed by her and didn’t help her; she just continued and entered a building.

“I don’t even think she called anyone. It was one of the students, which I appreciated it.”