Supreme Court and Prop 8

Dianna Gutierrez

For years California has been fighting against certain human beings eloping. Finally the situation with prop 8 is being re-considered and is being taken into the hands of the Supreme Court.

Proposition 8 (gay marriage) has been approved by California voters in November 2008 which stopped gays and lesbians their right to wed. Now the Supreme Court has scheduled a meeting to over look the law because it violates the equal rights protection guarantees given by the U. S constitution.

It’s about time somebody realizes the meaning of “Equal Rights”. This situation should have been taken to the court when it was first being discussed due to the fact that it has to do with something as simple as two human beings wanting to spend the rest of their lives together, legally. It’s the 21-Century people! This situation is truly unconstitutional and the Supreme Court should rule against the Yes on 8 campaign.

This should not have been a huge deal because whether its gay, straight, or bisexual couples wanting to get married, it doesn’t impact anyone else’s’ lives but they’re own.

And if one wants to bring up the Bible as a reason why gays shouldn’t get married, then riddle this – Why shouldn’t we stone children anymore for disobeying their parents? The Bible says there’s no problem with that. People are using religion as a last resort in order to disapprove prop 8. We have to agree that many of the assertions made in the Bible about how we should live our lives, and what we should believe is right and wrong, are outdated.

As the people of the U. S have made it known across the country, they do not understand the Constitution and its application, the gay marriage issue should be decided by the Supreme Court. To give one set of rights to one group while denying them to a second, that is unconstitutional under the 14th amendment and telling religions they can’t marry gay people is unconstitutional of the 1st amendment.

Everybody should be minding they’re own business when it comes to other peoples marriages due to the facts given above. It’s simply not your life to live.