Jimmy B. Dani Carroll interview (vic) (Andrea, Needs work)

Jimmy Bottom

Dani Carroll is a hardworking teacher whose interest is to preserve the fun in teaching Dental Hygiene to her students.

Being nominated and winning the 2011 American Dental Hygiene Association Educator of the year award is a testament to her teaching and what she’s done to help the Cerritos Dental Hygiene program.

“I can’t believe it.” Carroll said when asked how she felt about winning the award.

Her students nominated her for the award, but it didn’t come to her as a surprise.

“My students got together, came up with ideas and then one person wrote down those ideas.” Carroll said.

There is a process where teacher evaluations and other forms need to be completed by the nominee.

Carroll concluded, “I feel incredibly fortunate, I think I have the best job in the world. My faculty in the Dental Hygiene program are my best friends. My students are fantastic people and I really enjoy it every single day.”