Arthur Hitchcock walks to Maine for breast cancer – JimmyOP (vic)

Jimmy Edwards-Turner

How far would you walk for your cause? For 19-year-old self-employed photographer Arthur Hitchcock, the answer to that is 2,629 miles.

Hitchcock is walking from Los Angeles to the state of Maine to raise money for breast cancer research and in memory of his mother, whom he lost to the disease.

“I know it’s a daunting task, but I feel prepared to take it on.”

Hitchcock says, “I’ve wanted to do this for years but it never had the motivation, or message, necessary to carry it out.”

The first of many destinations in the long walk ahead is Whidbey Island in Washington once Hitchcock leaves Los Angeles on May 11.

Clayton Peters, English literature major and Hitchcock’s friend of two years, is putting much effort into promoting the fundraiser.

News of his huge trek is being spread mostly through word of mouth and on sites like Facebook and Blogger.

“Everywhere I go, I give cards out, bring it up in conversation and tell people about it.

“He is the official photographer for the Writers Block,” Peters points out, “so, if you mention the Block, [the fundraiser] is brought up as well.”

After his mother’s passing away in October 6, 2010, Hitchcock has been living in his grandmother’s home in Long Beach.

He aims to raise enough funds to buy ownership of his childhood home from his aunt.

Hitchcock’s mother and her sister inherited the house on Roxanne avenue in southern Long Beach from their mother.

After raising a little more than $1000, he believes he is on his way to reaching his goal.

According to him, the money he’s raised has come from donations as well as revenue from his photography.

“I’ve been taking pictures professionally since high school,” Hitchcock explains, “And recently I did photography for a national advertising promo for Mountain Dew and Amp Energy.”