Date set to begin study abroad program

Anthony Hodge

Cerritos College is planning on starting its first ever Study Abroad Program in Madrid, Spain, which would take place in Spring 2012.

Vice President of Academic Affairs Bill Farmer said that the committee felt that Madrid was the best place to start its possible 16 week program, which needs to be approved by the Study Abroad Policy.

“Students would do three weeks on campus, and then they’ll have a break, then a week to travel throughout Spain, and then they will have 13 instruction weeks in Spain,” he said.

However, the amount of weeks spent in Spain would depend on the cost of the program.

The Study Abroad Task Force will choose the full-time faculty.

Two Cerritos faculty members, who have not been chosen yet, would select a minimum of 25 students who are taking 12 units; students would be chosen based on their applications.

Farmer added, “We’re looking for courses that will use the Spanish background as part of the instructional strategies, courses that satisfy a lot of the general education requirement.

“We’re just trying to find a set of courses that will attract the most students because they’ll be courses that the students need, courses that use the Spanish environment in their instruction.”

Courses must be transferable to general education requirements.

Faculty members had a meeting on March 28 and March 29 to discuss the details about the program.

The faculty has to propose at least three courses that they want to teach; their applications are due on April 8.

Spanish professor Froylan Cabuto said that he will definitely apply for the aboard program.

“I will be teaching elementary Spanish, and I will take the opportunity we have in Spain to incorporate history, art and lecture in my classes if I am chosen,” he said.

Cabuto added that this would be his first time teaching abroad if he is chosen, but said that he has been to Spain before.

“I hope the students are interested, [this program] is going to change their prospective of life in general, I think it’s a good opportunity for all the students to experience.”

English Department Chair David Fabish, who is also applying, said, “In every class I teach, I encourage students to travel.”

He also said that Spain is a beautiful country, and that it is monumental.

“I recommend students to start working now, because it is worth it,” Fabish said.

The faculty will be looking to recruit students in this years summer session and the fall 2011 semester.

Students must sign up in order for the program to continue.