J. Bottom – ucla antiasian white girl

Jimmy Bottom

The anti-asian white girl is over-hyped and blown out of proportion.

It’s commonly known that people are dumb, just take a look at the mainstream media.

The backlash Alexandra Wallace received was done by over sensitive people.

There’s no lesson taught here except that they were equally as ignorant.

Not talking about opinions or what other’s think but the death threats that came from it.

The death threats that reportedly made Ms. Wallace feel unsafe at UCLA because she was offering an ignorant opinion.

Instead of death threats there she should have been given the option of living in an Asian culture to realize her own folly.
If Alexandra Wallace could see that America’s made up of cultural differences than maybe she’ll realize her opinions were invalid and not funny.

This option is better than resorting to a cowardly tactic of death threats and accumulating in numbers against one girl.