A Hodge– Woman Passes out at Finacial Aid Line (Gonzo)

Anthony Hodge

A woman passed out while in line for the Financial Aid Office and was taken to the hospital last Tuesday at approximately 4:20 p.m.

Cerritos College Chief of Police Richard Bukowiecki said that campus police and paramedics responded and sent her to the hospital immediately.

Police were unable to release information on the person’s condition or her name.

Financial Aid Specialist Jamie Quiroz said one of the staff members called the campus police and responded quickly.

“I don’t have any details on the student’s information or her condition or what happened. All I know is that our staff reacted quickly and gave her the help that she needed,” she said.

Quiroz continued saying, “I can’t even confirm [that she is a student], I know that she was a potential student, from what I heard. I don’t even know if she had done her admissions application yet.

“So I don’t know if she was admitted yet, and was trying to become a student [at Cerritos College].”