jimmy b – ban of veils [Gonzo’s edit]

Jimmy Bottom

“France bans veils.”

Wait, what?

“The law says veiled women risk a $215 fine or special citizenship classes, though not jail.”


“People who force women to don a veil are subject to up to a year in prison and a $43,000 fine, and possibly twice that if the veiled person is a minor.”

That’s enough; what is France doing?

If anything, it should rewrite the law to target these culprits not the women who choose to continue to practice their religious freedom.

Especially, when France’s No. 2 followed religion is Islam.

Who is France kidding with this law?

No one should be subjugated against his will, and that is what France is doing, just in different terms. Where’s the freedom of choice?

Let’s look at it this way, taking away the religious aspect of this whole ordeal.

What if the State of California started fining $215 to people for wearing sandals because it said it was dangerous?

It’s ridiculous; it wouldn’t happen because we chose to wear sandals.

Putting it back into context, it is similar to banning the use of crucifix necklaces in public.

The weight and importance of the sandals doesn’t equate to the religious symbolism it does for the hijabs in the Qu’ran.

France can remain a secular state if  religion is separated  from the government’s decisions, not against the people it supposedly represents by adding bans.

This law is just as silly as the Taliban’s regime forcing women to don the veil, but France is just as silly for banning them.

There needs to be a cultural understanding in the form of educating citizens.

It’s through knowledge that we’re able to liberate ourselves from this type of oppression against a religion.

There needs to be a structured curriculum detailing the sensitivity and understanding of different religions in Europe, not bans.