New recommendation to reach the board of trustees

Jimmy Bottom

The Joint-Operation Recommendation is a recommendation that has passed through the ASCC Senate and will be handed to the Cerritos College Board of Trustees for them to decide what to do with it.

ASCC Vice President Luis Ong claims 40 percent of Cerritos students end up taking more semesters then they have to.

Ong said, “If they make the orientation mandatory, this will ensure all incoming freshmen take the orientation, and take the assessment testing.”

“I hope they schedule the assessment tests before freshmen come to Cerritos.”

If the recommendation is approved, incoming freshmen would not have to take extraneous classes to complete their units for an AA degree or to transfer to a four year university.

The recommendation not only prepares incoming students to make their stay here at Cerritos shorter, but may also get more students involved.

“Most UCs and Cal States already do this and it helps students become more involved so I think this will help future students be more involved with ASCC,” Joseph Silva, philosophy major, said.

Silva thinks that more students are more likely to get involved if they were informed about their campus.

“The school’s kind of big so it could be daunting to find your way around, so the orientation does help,” he said.

Felipe Grimaldo, student body president explains he pitched the idea because it may improve retention rates, and student activity.

Grimaldo is all for the recommendation to pass so that incoming freshmen can benefit from it.

“The mandatory assessment orientation [Joint-Operation Recommendation] isn’t going to be a sit-in thing; they are actually working on an online version where you can sit at home and do it,” Grimaldo said.